The Anecdotalist Deb

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Hello everyone!

Most of my friends and family can easily tell you I absolutely love the online world. For many months, I had been thinking about the idea of starting a blog, but… what would be my main topic? I knew I loved fashion and am obsessed with traveling. So my first plan included working with my sister, who is an amazing fashion designer, but we never completely conceptualized all our ideas. A second opportunity very clearly presented itself last year when my international director at my university encouraged me to follow my dream of keep exploring the world by doing an internship abroad. We researched and found a promising internship program in Barcelona; however, there was no way I could possibly pay for all of it. Keeping this in mind, I decided to try my luck and apply to a student enrichment fund my university has, and the judges were kind enough to provide me with enough financial support! Today, I am officially on my way to making this dream a reality and I plan to tell you all about it in The Anecdotalist Blog.

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